Napier Prison Kids Tour

Welcome to Napier Prison Kids Tour

Come and visit the oldest prison in New Zealand! 

  • All sorts of exciting surprises await you behind the crumbling walls of the old Napier Gaol.
  • Learn about Kiwi History as you explore the twisting corridors.
  • Use your map to plan your escape!
  • If you're lucky, Basil the Cat might show you around.

An experience not to be missed for kids of all ages. Your Tour. Your Way.

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  • 1. Check out the Exercise Yard where the prisoners would get their outside time

  • 2. You'll see the Mess Hall where prisoners would eat their small meals each day

  • 3. Check out the Redemption Hill Garden which was revamped by the at-risk youth from the reality TV show Redemption Hill

  • 4. Be brave and face the Black Room maze to get a feel for what it is like at night in the Prison

Napier Prison Kids Tour