Audio Tourist

Audio Tourist

Do you intend taking a tour either in your country or abroad? During such adventure, you will definitely rely on a professional tour guide to assist you with every activity during such trip. An Audio guide is simply the best way to explore the world. By downloading our audio guide on Audio Tourist, a lot of benefits will be availed to you to assist you to enjoy your walking guided tours. What are the benefits? Let us look at some of them.   


Cost Effective

On a typical tour, the services of a tour guide will be employed to help move around a city alien to you. The cost of their service can be pretty high; especially when the tourists are few. Costs are even paid per day of touring. There are also hidden charges associated with this sort of service. With our audio guide, you will enjoy a walking guided tour together with our PDF map around a new place seamlessly without having to fork out a fortune.



During a tour guide, time will be limited to access the prominent and other parts of a place. Touring might be restricted only to well-known places. With our audio tour guide together and with a PDF map that comes alongside it, you will get to visit the various part of place at your own time and will. You will get more acclimatized with a place as you will learn the vital and basic information about every nook and cranny of the place.



It is quite annoying striving so hard to catch every word voiced by a tour guide during a promenade round a place. You will even get to miss the wonderful sights and at the same time left with the grueling task of straining your ears. Our audio guide is well articulated to make your tour an engaging one. With your earpiece, you don't have to strain to hear clearly. You will enjoy both the sights and sounds.


If you decide to secure a tour guide system, download our audio guide. It will aid you with visualization and exploration of a place at your own pace. The downloadable audio guide comes with a PDF map. The commentary and guidance instructions are well articulated by our experts. You have a lot to enjoy with Audio Tourist store.



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