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 Here at Citywalks World, we’re all about the journey AND the destination. Our team consists of hand-picked staff who are utterly committed to delivering a quality travel product. Included in the international team are published authors, journalists, historians, travel bloggers, voice-over actors, graphic designers, IT specialists, vulcanologists and an exceptional marketing team. Citywalks World downloadable guides take the frustration out of not knowing where to go, what to see or how to get there.   Your tour.  Your way.


our team


Toro Waaka

Toro Waaka has been in
the tourism industry for over twenty years, he and his wife Marion started off with accommodation services, moved into guided tours and
entertainment and into cruise and international tour provision. He is a
previous Trustee of New Zealand Maori Tourism, currently the Chair of
Ngāti Pāhauwera Development Trust, Chair of Hawkes Bay Māori Tourism, Trustee of Ngāti Pāhauwera Commercial Development Limited, Chairperson of Māori Battalion D Company Research Committee. Toro owns Napier Prison Tours and Citywalksz World.


Bonny Hatami

Bonny Hatami has always worked in her family's businesses, Napier Prison and Citywalksz. She has also worked in the tourism/ski industry in NZ and in the USA. She is a Director of Te Pū Oranga Whenua and Ngai Te Ao Kapiti Adventures, Trustee of Paroa Farm Trust and Pan Pac Environmental Trust, she also contracts to Ngāti Pāhauwera Development Trust on Environmental and other projects. 


Marion Waaka

Acknowledging Marion Waaka
Marion was a wonderful soul, and her impact is still felt today. Originally from Scotland, she came to New Zealand in her teens and never gave up
her Glasgow accent. After raising her family, she travelled often, and at any given opportunity she was on an aeroplane or a cruise-ship. Marion is recognised for her generosity, creativity, entrepreneurship, and tenacity. As Citywalksz Managing Director, she and her international team successfully developed walking tours for 130 worldwide destinations. Above all, Marion was a master at bringing people together and making them feel like part of the family. 

Marion passed away in 2022. We acknowledge Marion for her leadership, vision, passion and energy, she is dearly missed.


Nisindu Paranavithana

Marketing Specialist
A seasoned professional with a thriving career in Travel and Tourism, deeply passionate about cricket, diverse cuisines, and the world's finest coffees. With a solid foundation in brand promotion, he specialize in conducting impactful marketing campaigns and pioneering digital marketing strategies and commitment to staying ahead in the dynamic landscape of emerging marketing tools underscores his dedication to excellence in the field of business marketing.


An Wang

Web Developer
A dynamic web developer who breathes life into the digital realm. An is passionate about creating seamless and engaging online experiences, transforming lines of code into visually stunning and functional websites.

Beyond the digital world, An finds solace and strength in the gym. A fitness enthusiast at heart, An believes in the power of a healthy body and mind, consistently pushing personal boundaries to achieve new
fitness milestones.