Audio Tourist Founders go cruising again!

Cruising is one of the best ways to enjoy travelling without all the packing and unpacking other travel involves.   Arrive refreshed in the morning at a new port ready to enjoy the day, no lugging of bags through hotel lobbies towards that costly taxi service and even more expensive eateries.   Appetite is slated with a myriad of dishes from all corners of the globe all presented to an excellent standard by friendly staff.   I can't think of a better way to travel and I have travelled a lot!  This Holland America Cruise around the North and South Islands of NZ lets you get a snippet of the best things to see and do all at a reasonable price.  You may then decide to revisit these ports and spend more time there in the future!  The Maasdam is a friendly ship and is full of interesting individuals from all walks of life.  We love to get off to explore, no matter the weather,  and even enjoyed our trip via "tender" into Akaroa which is one of the quaintest little arty crafty towns I have visited.  Picturebox cute with views that are second to none, even the hilly climb up to the old French Cemetery through the woods was picturesque.  Another week to go and off to Burnie in Tasmania after today's visit to Dunedin via Port Chalmers - what a great way to spend your holidays!   Melbourne and Sydney to see friends then back to our "real" life with memories abounding.
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