Travel breakthrough


I have something for your next travel adventure.

Every few decades a breakthrough in technology occurs and sets off a chain reaction that will
touch virtually every industry.
In the travel industry, Audio Tourist is changing the way you experience places with audio-guides
that help you explore fascinating places with the voice of people who know them best.
No more flipping through guidebooks!
These benefits prove exactly how much it matters to use Audio Tourist for your travel
● Audio Tour guide created by a team of professionals
● After download - Works anywhere - without phone service or WIFI
● Hands-free guide - no more flipping!
● Costs significantly less than a guided tour
● Your tour at a time to suit you
The list of benefits goes on……
We have around 100 audio guides for popular worldwide destinations
Frustrated about not knowing a destination and not wanting to miss out on the best to see and
do on a limited time-frame and or/budget?
Head over to and this problem disappears.
Best wishes and Happy Travels!
Marion and the Audio Tourist Team
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