Napier Prison Ghost Tour

Welcome to Napier Prison Ghost Tour

Hear stories of villains, victims and heroes while wandering through the dark corridors of NZ's oldest prison. Visit the locations used by Ghost Hunters International in their Season Finale episode!

View the Hanging Yard where inmates were put to death by famous executioner Tom Long before their ignominious burial in the prison cemetery.

Learn about eerie sightings of orbs and disembodied voices that whisper in the ears of the unwary.

Your Tour. Your Way.

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  • 1. Walk through the Suicide Watch where at-risk inmates were kept an eye on

  • 2. Hear about hanged inmates like the Eye Eater, a mass murderer and an infamous drug baron.

  • 3. You'll learn about the Hanging Yard where most of the paranormal activity is located

  • 4. You'll hear about the orbs that follow people day and night and haunt visitors pictures

Napier Prison Ghost Tour