Welcome to Beijing

This is the Self-Guided Audio Tour of Beijing around Tiananmen Square. Be mesmerized by the sensational sights of Tiananmen Square. See where China’s great leader lies in state, other great works of Communist architecture, a distinctive performing arts center, and a highly unusual museum.

Some of the locations you will have the opportunity to visit include:
  • The Monument to the People’s Heroes
  • The National Museum of China
  • China Numismatic Museum
  • Chang’ an Avenue
  • The Forbidden City
An unforgettable experience not to be missed. Also see remarkable gates, and the fascinating home of generations of Chinese royalty, with thousands of rooms. Your tour. Your way.

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  • 1. "The collection of the National Museum of China numbers more than a million and features many precious and rare artefacts not to be found in museums anywhere else in China or the rest of the world." "

  • 2. The highly unusual China Numismatic Museum is devoted to Chinese currency, from ancient times to present day.

  • 3. The Great Hall of the People, the seat of government in China, was built in ten months in 1959 by brigades of volunteer workers.

  • 4. The breathtaking Forbidden City is the heart of Beijing and a marvel of ancient China.