Welcome to Boston

Enjoy the historical city of Boston in the beautiful state of Massachusetts, where you'll learn about its long and rich history. This incredible audio tour will guide you through many sights such as the famous Boston Tea Party Museum.

Some of the locations you will have the opportunity to visit include:

  • the John Adams Courthouse
  • the Old State House
  • City Hall
  • New England Aquarium

Educational and informative, this tour delves behind the scenes of old Boston. Your Tour. Your Way.

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  • 1. The Boston Tea Party Museum is a wonderful learning experience into the historic event of the Boston Tea Party

  • 2. The John Adams Courthouse is a historic building with lots of amazing stories

  • 3. The New England Aquarium is a fascinating place for kids and adults alike

  • 4. The Boston Harbour is a wonderful place to sit and relax and snap a few photos



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