Welcome to Akaroa

"The Paris of New Zealand"

This fascinating guided audio tour of the stunning area of Akaroa will take you on a seaside journey.
Nestled on the east coast, this quiet town of Akaroa is best known for its volcanic hills and the dolphins which frequent the bay. In this audio tour, you will enjoy the tranquil setting and the stunning natural views along the harbour.

Some of the locations you will have the opportunity to visit include:

  • The Whale Trypots
  • The Old French Cemetery
  • The Giant’s House
  • Rue Jolie
This audio guide will delight and enthrall. Your tour. Your way.

wall-clock-svg 2 hrs | distance-svg 4.3km | USD Regular price $19.99 |


  • 1. Visit the War Memorial of Akaroa and learn about its history

  • 2. Akaroa Museum reflects the varied and colourful history of the Banks Peninsula area.

  • 3. St Patrick's Catholic Church has a striking Gothic exterior and remains the centre of Catholic worship in Akaroa.

  • 4. Visit the impressive six-sided wooden lighthouse in Akaroa and learn about its fascinating history



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