Welcome to Tongariro

Explore the stunningly beautiful and popular area of Tongariro which is made up of 3 volcanic peaks. In this audio tour, you will learn about the volcanic activity and the craters that are found in the area.

Some of the amazing sights you will have the opportunity to view include:

  • Mount Ruapehu
  • Soda Springs
  • the Emerald Lakes
  • the Totara Forest

This 7 hour hike will tell you about Māori myths and legends while walking through this legendary area that was also made famous by the filming of The Lord of the Rings.

Your Tour. Your Way.

wall-clock-svg 7hrs | distance-svg 20km | USD Regular price $19.99 |


  • 1. Ngauruhoe

  • 2. South Crater

  • 3. Red Crater

  • 4. Mount Ruapehu



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