Welcome to Philadelphia

The city of brotherly love

Welcome to Philadelphia. On this tour, you will see many interesting landmarks including an international class museum, the Liberty Bell, get a feel for how the first colonists lived, and see where the first American flag was supposedly created.

Also, you can see the place where modern America was born - the site of the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the American constitution, and an institute dedicated to the life and work of one of America’s greatest men, Benjamin Franklin.

Your tour. Your way.

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  • 1. With over 227,000 items on display in the museum, the Philadelphia Museum of Art boasts an astounding collection of Eastern and Western art, and is one of the biggest museums in America.

  • 2. The famous Liberty Bell is one of the most iconic symbols of American Independence.

  • 3. Declaration House is the place where Thomas Jefferson drafted the original Declaration of Independence.

  • 4. The Betsy Ross House is alleged to be the site where the seamstress and flag-maker Betsy Ross purportedly lived when she sewed the first American Flag.