Welcome to Athens

"Birthplace of Western Civilisation"

On this amazing audio tour soak up the atmosphere in the fascinating ancient and historic city of Athens, birthplace of the famous Olympic Games. Home to plenty of ancient structures, buildings, museums, and charismatic streets you will be able to learn about its most famous destinations.

Some of the locations you will have the opportunity to visit include:

  • The Iconic Parthenon

  • The Theatre of Dionysus

  • The Acropolis

  • Syntagma Square

At night, enjoy the relaxed pace of Athens nightlife by exploring many of the wonderful restaurants and bars! Your tour. Your way.

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  • 1. The Acropolis is a must see when in Athens. Its beautiful and intriguing architecture is a once in a lifetime experience.

  • 2. The Theatre of Dionysus is recommended. Take the time to go down the path and view this amazing ancient theatre.

  • 3. The Temple of Olympian Zeus is massive and there are many pillars left standing to give a sense of grandeur and scale. It is a must see.

  • 4. Viewing the Panathenaic Stadium is one of the best experiences to be had in Athens.



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