Welcome to Bratislava

Take a walk through Bratislava, Slovakia's capital, nicknamed the Little Big City. On this tour you will see the much photographed statue of Cumil and St Martin's cathedral, the best example of the Baroque Gothic style that dominates the city. Also see the marvel that is St Elizabeth's Church, the Primate's Palace, the Main Square, the Old Town Hall, The Crafts Markets and The Shop Museum, the Franciscan Church, St. Michael's Gate, St. Michael's Street, the Museum of Jewish Culture, the City Walls, the monumental Bratislava Castle and Hviezdoslav Square.

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  • 1. The St. Elizabeth's Church captivates not only by its sky-blue color, but also by the rich oriental and mosaic decorations, that to many resemble icing on a cake.

  • 2. The statue of Cumil (The Watcher) is one of the most photographed statues in Bratislava and has sparked endless stories about what it means.

  • 3. At the crafts markets a range of souvenirs can be found, such as majolica ceramics, embroidered tablecloths, wooden toys, ice hockey jerseys, leather wallets, handmade earrings, postcards, magnets, peppers and mead bottles.

  • 4. Bratislava is known as the city of Baroque Gothic style and St. Martin’s Cathedral is the best example of it.