Welcome to Bergen

Wander through the picturesque and stunning city of Bergen. With its historic streets and buildings and its harbour, this is definitely one city not to miss. The area of Bergen is surrounded by mountains, fjords, and the ocean which provides some of the best views in the world. On this audio tour you will also learn about the Bergen Internasjonale Kultursenter and view the massive Bergen Fortress in your walk around this vibrant city. You will also see the Galleri Allmenningen AS, Grieg Hall, Bergen Museum, the Natural History Museum, the Academic Quarter, Bergen Theatre (Bergen Kino), and the Performing Arts Centre (Bit Teatergarasjen). Your tour. Your way. 

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  • 1. The Basilica di San Nicola is an outstanding piece of architecture in the old part of Bari.

  • 2. Palazzo di Ferrarese is a lively square, one of the best Bari has to offer. It is an interesting mixture of history and everyday life.

  • 3. Museo Storico Civico is a fascinating collection of unique documents, artifacts, books, artwork, photographs and much more which tell the story of the city and its community all the way up until the modern era.

  • 4. The Cathedrale di San Sabino is a very beautiful church with an amazing history.