Welcome to Moscow

This riveting audio  tour of the spellbinding city of Moscow is packed with world famous sights to savour.

On this tour you will see the breathtaking and monumental collections of the State Historical Museum, the stunning architectural ensemble that is the Moscow Kremlin, and the spectacular and beautiful St Basil's Cathedral.

You will also see Manege Square, the Moscow Manege, the Hotel Moskva, instantly recognisable to drinkers of Stolichnaya vodka, the Resurrection Gate and the Iverian Chapel, The Cathedral of our Lady of Kazan, GUM, the Spasskaya Tower with its distinctive clock, Lenin's Mausoleum at Red Square, the Nikolskaya Tower and the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts. With so many amazing things to see, Moscow is a tourist's paradise. Your tour. Your way. 

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  • 1. For its variety and scale, the State Historical Museum’s collection is without peer in Russia.

  • 2. GUM is one of the largest luxury shopping centres in Russia and one of the world’s most famous.

  • 3. St Basil’s Cathedral is Moscow’s most beautiful church and the main decoration of Red Square.

  • 4. The Kremlin walls house one of the most striking and beautiful architectural ensembles in the world.



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