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In this audio tour, you will learn about Napier’s worst earthquake. On February 1931, most of the city’s buildings were completely destroyed. You’ll learn about the rapid rebuilding process and why the city is famous for its Art Deco style.

Some of the locations you will have the opportunity to visit include:

  • the Municipal Theatre
  • the Public Trust Building
  • Clive Square
  • St. John's Cathedral

You will also learn about the Fire which took hold shortly after the earthquake and ran rampant throughout the city, devastating those buildings that were still standing. Fascinating and tragic, this is a memorable story. Your Tour. Your Way.

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  • 1. Napier's firefighters watched helplessly as fire engulfed the city, with the fire station destroyed, fire trucks buried under rubble and no water to fight the fire as the town’s underground water pipes had been shattered.

  • 2. The quake raised Napier by seven feet, changing the course of rivers and bringing 2230 hectares of land to sea level. Many areas that had previously been underwater were reclaimed, such as the area where the airport is now situated.

  • 3. The Market Reserve Building was the first major permanent building constructed after the Earthquake and is considered to be a symbol of the Renaissance of Napier.

  • 4. Emergency medical services at Napier were quick to mobilise with the hospital quickly being evacuated to the local racecourse following contingency plans for its evacuation in the event of an earthquake that had been made as far back as 1925.

Napier Earthquake Tour


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