Welcome to Nuremberg

Guten tag and welcome to Nuremberg. There are many interesting landmarks to be found here in this fascinating city including the house of Albrecht Durer, one of the greatest painters and engravers Germany has ever produced, stunning churches and fascinating museums.

Some of the locations you will have the opportunity to visit include:

  • Fleisch Bridge
  • The Church of Our Lady
  • The Altes Rathaus
  • The Nuremberg Toy Museum
  • Nuremberg Castle

In this Self-Guided Audio Tour, you will also learn about a historic town hall featuring monumental painted frescoes, architecture that is hundreds of years old, and Nuremberg’s crowning glory, towering above the city, the colossal Nuremberg castle.

 Your Tour. Your Way.

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  • 1. Discover the Church of Our Lady, a sublime example of Gothic brick architecture. Many of its impressive array of sculptures have been significantly restored after the church was almost destroyed in the Second World War.

  • 2. The need to rebuild was a fate shared by many of Nuremberg’s buildings including Altes Rathaus, or Old Town Hall where you will encounter an awe-inspiring rebuild of the hall’s spire as well as the monumental painted frescoes.

  • 3. As the tour continues, explore the delightful Nuremberg Toy Museum, home to toys an miniatures from the middle ages to today.

  • 4. Learn about the rich history of Nuremberg’s crowning glory that towers above the city: the colossal Nuremberg Castle.