Welcome to Sitka

Discover the historic and exotic city of Sitka. Once part of Russia and bought by the USA in 1867, Sitka has become a popular port of entry into Alaska and popular tourist destination

Some of the locations you will have the opportunity to visit include:

  • Baranof Castle Hill
  • Harrison Centennial Hall
  • the Pioneer's Home
  • the Alaska Raptor Centre

On this audio tour you will learn about the area's Russian past. Educational and fun, this tour encompasses all you can imagine about Alaska. Your Tour. Your Way.

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  • 1. Sitka Pioneer Home is a state-funded organisation which has cared for Alaska's elderly for almost a century.

  • 2. Spend an hour or two in the beautiful Sitka National Park and enjoy the totem poles while strolling through the park.

  • 3. The Sheldon Jackson Museum is a place filled with a wealth of material from every aspect of the native lives.

  • 4. St Michael's Cathedral has a rich Russian Orthodox history with more than a century's worth of tradition, artifacts and cultural contributions.