Welcome to Vilnius

Be enthralled by Vilnius, the Jerusalem of the North, where you will see a beautiful cathedral and its bell tower and chapel, two fascinating monuments and a magnificent museum. Locations you will see on this tour include:

  • Vilnius Cathedral
  • The Gediminas Monument
  • The Palace of Rulers
  • The Lithuanian National Museum


With so much history and many stories to tell, this visit to Vilnius is one to savor. Your tour. Your way.

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  • 1. The impressive Gediminas monument is a fitting tribute to one of Vilnius's favourite sons, the founder of the city of Vilnius.

  • 2. The Chapel of St Casimir, found inside Vilnius Cathedral, is a fitting tribute to a man of high birth beloved by the Lithuanian people for his erudition, piety, and particularly for his generosity to the poor and the sick.

  • 3. The Bell Tower of the cathedral is a fascinating mix of architectural styles and offers a spectacular view of the Old Town of Vilnius from its summit.

  • 4. The Lithuanian National Museum's displays show visitors the culture, traditions and customs of Lithuania, as well as providing a historical outline of the country since the foundation of the state.